Observatory facilities


TOUR THE ‘NEW’ LOW LIGHT                                                                         
A major redevelopment of The Low Light took place in 2014 and while work continues to maintain and upgrade some aspects of the facilities, the main work is complete and the accommodation is much enhanced on previous years 
The facilities include improved water treatment and supply, electric lighting and power supply for charging devices, the three new bedrooms, a shower room, ‘boot room’, lounge and ‘office’, dining kitchen and store room and most importantly – a flushing toilet !
Below are a series of images which give you a flavour of the accommodation provided:
Above: Arriving at the main door
 Above: Coming in the main door…main hallway and access to the WC, 3 bedrooms and shower room 
Above: turn right and head through the ‘Boot Room’ towards the lounge  – within the lounge there is comfortable seating, a wood-burning stove, a desk for completing the daily log and other paperwork and a library with useful reference books.
Above: Through the vestibule with pantry/store and into the roomy kitchen/diner with plenty of storage and two fridges 
Outside facilities adjacent to the low light include a range of benches, and flat “patio” areas at both sides of the building which enables dry access, loading and unloading area and an outside sitting, eating and socialising space. 
(All photos courtesy of Mark Oksien)