Bain Trap Renewal

Thanks to funding support from SNH we have begun the renewal of the Bain Trap, one of the Heligoland traps on the island used to catch migrant birds for ringing. Having been first built between 1948 and 1949 it was the third trap to be constructed by the observatory, in this case single handedly by John Bain, one of the Lighthouse Keepers.

There is always debate among visiting ringers as to which of the traps works best and catches most birds, most agree it is the Bain Trap and great care is being taken to maintain the exact footprint and funnel profile of the trap as it has been proven to work so effectively.

The volunteer work parties are out on the island now and are mid-construction. Progress can be seen in the images here:

The trap footprint laid out
Supports and beams being erected and side wall panels

Updates on the finished trap will be posted as soon as available.

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